Success at Clemson Elementary
Clemson, South Carolina

Barry, a fifth grade Project Read teacher, wrote about the success he saw in his classroom after a year of using the Framing Your Thoughts curriculum. He writes:

Clemson"The fifth grade students at Clemson were instructed with the Framing Your Thoughts Curriculum during the 2006-2007 school year. The multisensory strategies were beneficial to all students, from the academically gifted to the low-achieving students. We used the systematic approach to teach the function of the language and then transferred those skills to composition writing. All students were actively engaged throughout every lesson. Students were excited about writing. They enjoyed the body language along with the hands-on approaches.

Students would tell me: I finally understand how our language works!’ ‘Writing is so much fun now that I know how to put my thoughts down on paper!’ ‘After learning how to put words into sentences, I am actually a good writer!

The evidence from our scores on the state PACT test shows that students were extremely successful in the area of Language Arts. Not only did they perform well on the test, but their confidence in their ability to write was tremendous. I am so thankful to be able to use the FYT Curriculum with our students!