Thousands of Students. Tens of Thousands of Books.  

The Project Read curriculum has been successful for students in K-12, ESL/ELL, Special Education, and Title I Reading programs. The Project Read curriculum can also serve as a nutrient to existing programs, bridging any gaps that may exist in order to help all students excel.

Let our curriculum work for you and your students

A systematic approach to teaching decoding, encoding, and reading comprehension strategies, using multisensory activities and direct instruction.
Early Education
A Pre-K/K approach to the fundamentals of phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, and expressive oral language using multisensory strategies and systematic direct instruction.
Primary Phonics
A systematic multisensory approach to the essential principles of decoding and reading comprehension that builds on vocabulary enrichment and expressive oral language.
An intermediate and secondary approach to teaching decoding, spelling, and comprehension strategies that highlights vocabulary enrichment through prefix, suffix, and root knowledge.
Reading Comprehension
A program that teaches processes to interact with both narrative literature and expository text to prepare students for all academic reading.
Report Form
A study of expository text, note-taking, and study skills.
Story Form Literature Connection
A study of narrative literature designed for primary students.
Story Form Comprehension
A study of narrative literature designed for intermediate students.
Written Expression
Designed for primary through adult-aged learners, using a unique set of eight graphic symbols to build sentences and progress to paragraph construction.
Framing Your Thoughts - Sentence Structure Framing Your Thoughts - Applied Writing