Framing Your Thoughts
Sentence Structure
Online Course

The Framing Your Thoughts Sentence Structure Online Course is an efficient and cost-effective method of staff-development. This course can be completed from the comfort of any home or classroom, and is a convenient self-study of basic sentence knowledge for writing and comprehension.

This course allows participants to explore the unique Written Expression program, centered on the 8 graphic symbols used to teach students how to design accurate, creative, and meaningful sentences. The program blends creative freedom with direct multisensory skill instruction, along with promoting strong editing skills. In addition to integrating sentence-building instruction into existing district writing curriculum, this program will inspire and energize students as they learn the fundamentals of writing.

Included in the course fee is the Framing Your Thoughts-Sentence Structure Guide, Framing Your Thoughts-Sentence Structure DVD, and the Sentence Symbol Card Pack. This course lasts approximately 15 hours, and 1 graduate credit is available for purchase.



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