Read with Language Circle 

The Reading Comprehension curriculum by Language Circle Enterprises is designed to assist primary through adult-aged learners in “breaking open” text, using multisensory strategies to explore narrative literature (Story Form Literature Connection / Story Form Comprehension) and expository text (Report Form). 

The Reading Comprehension program is applicable outside of the Language Arts classroom, and will help students to think and read critically in any academic subject. Activities are specifically structured to help students explore fiction and non-fiction texts through the study of story structure, analysis, and sequential story form.


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RFPReport Form is designed for 2nd grade-Adult learners. This program teaches students a process to analyze the underlying structure of expository text.

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SFLCStory Form Literature Connection is designed for K-5th grade learners. This program uses analysis, synthesis, and evaluative thinking strategies to teach students a process of story interaction.

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SFCGStory Form Comprehension is designed for 4th grade-Adult learners. This program teaches students a process for gathering and organizing information in narrative literature.

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