People are talking.

Project Read® trainings are sweeping the nation, and educators everywhere are reporting their success and satisfaction. The following quotations are exerpts from real evaluations filled out by past course participants. Success is what we strive for, and we are always encouraged when we receive positive feedback. Get involved with Project Read programs by attending one of our trainings, and join the conversation.

"The presenter was great about answering our questions, and the course was very informational. I found the manuals very user friendly; this program can be used with high school students even from the first unit. This program is a gift for ALL students!"

"This course taught me the important idea of word function within the sentence. This program is a wonderful The curriculum seems to have stood the test of time."

"The presentation was very clear, the materials were good, and the examples were useful and thought-provoking. I learned how to teach Sentence Structure in new ways, and how to work more effectively on brainstorming. Wonderful program!  I am so glad I attended!  Thank you."

"I love the graphic organizers for the different types of paragraphs, and I love the prompt words. Again, this has helped me to become a better writer as well as a better teacher."

"I love the idea of having DVDs to support my implementation. This program taught me how to diagram sentences by function, and how to categorize starter words as when/where/how/ & why--teaching this to students  can only help comprehension!"

"This course taught me about 'bare bone' sentences, and ways to review/use pictures as prompts. It also taught me new games to add. I like the structural foundation this provides for students.  It would tie in with any process writing philosophy already in place, and help strugglers to be successful."

"This course provided me with sequential steps for teaching writing, knowledge of  visual prompts, and auditory devices to aid memory tricks. I learned to start with bare bone sentence in order to focus on on the comprehension of anything. If you want to become a better writer, practice using this program.

"I was impressed with the simplicity of language used in Project Read curriculum.  You covered a lot in a short time.  Great work!