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Victoria (Tori) Greene

It is with heavy hearts and great sorrow, that we announce the passing of our beloved company founder and Project Read® curriculum author, Victoria (Tori) Greene. Tori died on Friday, December 9th at the age of 87.

Tori was passionate about helping children become active, thoughtful, purposeful readers and writers. She dedicated her life to unlocking every student’s true potential, regardless of their learning profile. She believed that, with the proper tools, every student could learn to read and write proficiently.

Founded with her colleague, Dr. Mary Lee Enfield, Tori owned and operated Language Circle Enterprises. The Project Read® curriculum has been proven in the classroom, and built a strong reputation among educators spanning the United States and beyond for over 50 years.

Tori developed teaching methods that were trailblazing and ahead of their time. She incorporated multisensory strategies into the curriculum and classroom, long before modern research found it to be an effective way for students to learn. As a struggling student herself, Tori had a keen mind for how students learn best, and how to teach them.

Throughout her life, Tori had a profound impact on countless educators and students, and changed the lives of so many, by providing them the priceless gift of reading and writing. She will be sorely missed, but her legacy will live on through Project Read® curriculum, which continues to thrive in classrooms today.

Tori’s obituary can be found here.

The Language Circle Enterprises team would like to express that Tori’s passion for education will endure. We are steadfast in continuing Tori’s vision and instructional methods to reach every student, and help unlock their full potential.

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