The Project Read Written Expression curriculum teaches the fundamentals of sentence writing. This curriculum uses 8 unique graphic symbols to illustrate the sentence parts and their function. The instructional strategies blend creative freedom and accuracy with direct multisensory skill instruction.

Framing Your Thoughts – Applied Writing

Developing Active, Thoughtful, Purposeful Writers

Framing Your Thoughts Applied Writing program transfers sentence structure to paragraph development.

Curriculum Focus:

  • 5 Kinds of Paragraph Development
  • Paragraph Planning Sheets
  • Topic Sentence
  • Supporting Sentences
  • Sub-Details
  • Restatement/Closure
  • Editing


  • Webinar – 4 Hours
  • On-Campus – 1 Day
  • Required Materials (receive a 10% discount with staff development)
    • Framing Your Thoughts Applied Writing Guide
    • Framing Your Thoughts Applied Writing DVD
    • Active Participation Packet

DVD Preview


Model Lesson:
Paragraph Writing