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Language Circle Enterprises, Inc.

Privacy Policy for ProjectRead®FYT: A G Suite add-on application.
Effective: July 8, 2020

Language Circle Enterprises, Inc. (“ProjectRead®”, “Add-On”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) understands that privacy is essential to the users of our products (“Users”, “you”.) This policy describes how we maintain your privacy when you use our G Suite add-on (“Service”.) By using our “Service”, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy. 

  1. Google Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service
  2. Data Collection and Use Add-on
  3. Authorization Scopes
  4. How We Share Information
  5. How To Contact Us
  6. Changes to our Privacy Policy


  1. Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
    The ProjectRead®FYT Service is an Add-on to an existing G Suite product, “Google Slides.” Users of G Suite products have agreed to the Google Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy.


  3. Data Collection and Use
    • Our Service uses Google analytics to capture anonymized usage information. This information includes, for example, the count of active users, the links that are clicked, and how frequently service links are accessed. This type of information is considered confidential and is only used for the purpose of operating, maintaining, and improving features of the “Service.”
    • Our Service does not collect, maintain or use personally identifiable information about the User.
    • Our Service does not transmit personal data to us.
    • All intellectual property rights of your personal data are retained by you.
    • Our Service transmits information to a third-party payment processor, “Stripe,” for the purpose of processing and managing credit card payments for accessing our service.

  4. Add-on Authorization Scopes
    The G Suite “Add-On Application” requires that Users give permission to access their Personal Data in the following limited scopes:

    • The User Interface Scope:
      • Once installed, the ProjectRead®FYT service will be added as an option under the “Add-ons” drop down menu.
      • 3 Options are visible from the ProjectRead®FYT “Add-on” menu item.
        • “Paragraph Writing Graphic Organizers”
        • “Sentence Builder”
        • “Contact Support”
      • Users can invoke “Contact Support” at any time to send an email directly to our support alias: addonsupport@projectread.com. Alternative contact methods are also provided.
      • For users without an active subscription:
        • When invoked from the “Add-ons” drop down menu, choosing the “Graphic Organizers,” or the “Sentence Builder” options will launch a “Product List” side-bar (right hand side,) providing users the ability to choose 1 of 2 options for un-locking the product features.
        • If a user chooses the “Single-User” option, a new side-bar (right hand side) will be launched, allowing them to enter credit card information for payment processing.
        • If the user chooses the “Domain/District” option, a new side-bar (right hand side) will be launched, displaying pricing information, and providing a link to https://www.projectread.com/contact-us to contact our sales department (outside of the scope of the service) for purchasing a bulk license.
      • For users with an active subscription:
        • When invoked from the “Add-ons” drop down menu, the “Graphic Organizers” item will launch a side-bar (right hand side) in google slides that displays a list of proprietary, clickable, “Planning Sheets.”
        • A User will be prompted to “Choose a collection sheet from the side-bar” when invoking the “Information Planning Sheet” from the side-bar. The prompt only has one “OK” button. Clicking OK does nothing other than remove the pop up prompt.
        • When the “Information Planning Sheet” is invoked, a new side-bar is opened (right hand side) in google slides that provides the user with a list of clickable, collection sheet “Graphic Organizer” options.
        • When involved from the “Add-ons” drop down menu, the “Sentence Builder” item will launch a side-bar (right hand side) that displays a single, clickable, “Sentence Builder” button.
    • The Presentation Scope:
      • The User can click on any of the “Graphic Organizer” choices listed in the side-bar. Once clicked, our Service will copy the selected “Graphic Organizer” from a centralized master presentation and insert that “Graphic Organizer” as a new slide (slide 1) in the User’s active presentation.
      • If the User does not have a presentation open and active, our Service will first create a new presentation, and insert the selected “Graphic Organizer” into the newly created presentation (slide 1.)
      • The user can click on the “Sentence Builder” option from the sentence builder sidebar. When invoked, our Service will copy the “Sentence Builder” from a centralized source and insert the “Sentence Builder” directly to the User’s active presentation as slide 1.
    • The External Request Scope:
      • Stripe
        • Making Payments for Subscriptions
        • Single users without an active subscription can pay for a new subscription directly in the Service. When doing so, a new account and subscription will be automatically created and/or updated in the “Stripe” 3rd party payment processing system.
        • PII information provided in the payment form will be used to validate the payment method used.
        • All information transmitted to stripe is encrypted for security, and is stored in a single “token” source.
        • We do not have access to, nor do we have the ability to share any of the information stored in the payment “token” source.
      • Obtaining Subscription Status
        • When a user tries to access our service, we lookup the active user’s subscription status in Stripe to determine if the subscription is active and should be allowed access to our Service.
      • Google Cloud Sql
        • New customers are also stored in a google cloud proxy sql. The specific elements are stripe_customer_id, stripe_subscription_id, and the google email address. This database is required for limiting service access to active subscribers only.
        • The google cloud proxy sql has several security measures activated including a firewall, a proxy, and encrypted login authentication.
    • The Send Mail Scope:
      • The Service provides a “Contact Support” option that allows users to send an email directly to addonsupport@projectread.com. Your active google user email address will be used as the “From” on this e-mail message transmitted to our support team. Additionally, replies from our support team will be sent to your active google email address provided in the original request.

      You can review access that you have authorized to your Google Account under “Manage Your Google Account,” “Security,” “Third-party Apps with account access.”

  5. How We Share Information
    Third Parties:

    • We may share User Analytics data with our trusted third party service providers who perform technology services on our behalf, exclusively for the purpose of operating, maintaining, and enhancing our Service.
    • Contractors and service providers who may have access to User Analytics in the course of performing their services are subject to the same confidentiality and data security requirements as we are subject.
    • We may be required to share information with law enforcement or other third parties when compelled to do so by court order or other legal processes, to comply with statutes or regulations, or if we believe in good faith that the disclosure is necessary to protect the rights, property or personal safety of our users.
    • We do not rent or sell information for marketing purposes and we do not share or sell User Analytics with third parties for marketing purposes.

  7. How to Contact Us
    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at addonsupport@projectread.com

  9. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy may be updated to reflect changes to the services. Upon making changes, we will update the “Effective Date” found at the top of this page. Your continued use of the Service after any changes constitutes your acceptance of the new terms.