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Research-Driven Language Arts Curriculum
Project Read® materials are based on a research-driven language arts curriculum in line with the National Reading Panel’s five essential components of effective reading instruction. Designed in 1973 by Dr. Mary Lee Enfield and Victoria Greene, Project Read materials honor diverse learning profiles and provide curricula with lessons built on direct concept teaching, multisensory strategies, systematic instruction, and higher-level thinking skills. Project Read curriculum and instruction create a captivating, respectful, and dignified environment for teachers and students alike.

Created for the K-12 classroom, ESL students, special education, Title One programs, and adolescents or adults with reading problems, Project Read materials are appropriate for a variety of students and teachers.

Original Research Study
A University of Minnesota doctoral dissertation by Mary Lee Enfield, Ph.D. This dissertation contains a comprehensive description of the basis for Project Read materials and teaching strategies. The original controlled pilot study and the three-year major study document the effectiveness of Project Read teaching materials as an alternative approach to teaching reading to students with language learning difficulties.

The Florida Center for Reading Research
“How is Project Read aligned with current reading research?”
The Project Read curriculum integrates the five critical components of reading instruction—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension — along with the dimensions of spelling, writing, oral language, and listening comprehension within each lesson. An important component of instruction that is beneficial is the cumulative nature of the scaffolded practice embedded in the program. Each instructional routine consistently begins with a review of previously taught skills, and continues with teacher modeling of a new skill or strategy, guided practice and student practice, and includes frequent progress monitoring checks to affirm mastery.

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