On-Campus Training

A Language Circle® Endorsed consultant provides on-site staff development in the Project Read® curriculum. Workshops include presentation of methodology, curriculum delivery, multisensory strategies, and instructional practices.


  • Navigate participants through curriculum guides with an emphasis on integrated curriculum
  • Direct instruction of curriculum strategies and targeted multisensory techniques
  • Active participation for practice with instructional strategies and multisensory techniques
  • Provide assistance with grade area implementation
  • Dialogue between Language Circle consultant and in-service participants
  • View recorded classroom teaching lessons
  • Graduate credit available


Each curriculum strand requires workshop materials essential for instruction.


“The coursework was presented in a manner that leaves you comfortable and confident enough to use ALL materials in my classroom. I loved the practical examples and how everything was always brought back to classroom implementation.”  – 2nd Grade Teacher, NJ

Call to schedule an on-campus training today – 800.450.0343.