Language Circle® webinars are in a LIVE or RECORDED format for curriculum instruction. Webinars are a cost-effective and convenient method of staff development. Curriculum author Victoria Greene developed these webinars to provide district in-service that offers flexible scheduling and personalized district staff development.


  • Interacting with the presenter via live webcam.
  • Conversation with presenter via microphone or through a live chat feature.
  • Navigating through curriculum guides with an emphasis on integrated instruction.
  • Direct instruction in curriculum presentation.
  • Targeted multisensory strategies modeled by the instructor.
  • Recorded classroom teaching lessons.
  • Practicing instructional strategies and multisensory techniques.


Each curriculum strand requires webinar materials essential for instruction.

Curriculum Instruction Webinars:

Specialized webinars offered in the following strands:

  • Kindergarten Phonics
  • Primary Phonics
  • Linguistics/Accelerated Phonics
  • Report Form Process
  • Story Form Literature Connection
  • Story Form Comprehension
  • Framing Your Thoughts® – Sentence Structure
  • Framing Your Thoughts® – Paragraph Writing

Language Circle staff is available to assist participants in setting up the webinar, equipment testing, and providing technical support during webinar staff development.

Call the Language Circle office to schedule your webinar today – 800-450-0343.


Patricia, a webinar participant from Farmingdale, NJ wrote to us:
“Most computer courses are one-sided and very dull, but this is not the case with Project Read® webinars. The entire course felt like having a conversation with a teacher. I really enjoyed doing this.”

Sample Webinar: