What People are Saying…

We love hearing from Project Read participants, and treasure each and every success story. When teachers are making a difference in the lives of their students, we are achieving our goal. We would love to hear about how Project Read programs have changed your life. Share your story here.

“We are all very excited!”

“The students have responded wonderfully to Project Read Framing Your Thoughts, and the teachers have really appreciated the structure. We just completed our own Scope and Sequence for the teachers to follow, and all grades K-4th are expected to include it in their writing curriculum. Finally, some consistency! We are all very excited.”

–Jenny Bryant, Chestnut Hill School

“I have never seen such enthusiasm in the classroom!”

“Glenwood Academy loves the Project Read Sentence Structure Program! I truly cannot say enough about the Project Read curriculum, and I am so happy that we found it. This program excites students to write. I have never seen such enthusiasm in the classroom! As a veteran teacher with over 40 years of experience educating children, I love what I see. The students respond so well to their multi-sensory skill instruction because it teaches written language sequentially and systematically. Thank you, Victoria Greene! The more we can spread the news about this awesome program, the more kids we will truly be reaching.”

–Mrs. Stradling, classroom teacher at Glenwood Academy


“Somehow you’ve made English fun.”

“[My son] Connor got home from school today and told me first thing: ‘I’m learning a lot in Mr. Burnett’s English class!’ He followed this by explaining the different concepts that he was learning in class, and showing me several of his assignments. Connor talks about this class every week. He seems to really enjoy it, so thank you. Somehow you’ve made English fun for my little Science/Math student! I think it’s because Connor now understands English more completely. He has always liked organizing, and somehow the Project Read curriculum has managed to incorporate sequence and logic into its lessons, making it more comprehensible for a Science/Math-brained student like my son. He really has fun with it. Before this class, Connor had never enjoyed English or Language Arts. Now, he is learning and enjoying himself. Keep up the good work.”

–Eunice Lehmacher, Parent

“All children have strengths.”

“All children have strengths; we simply have to determine how they learn, and teach them that way. This year, we introduced a new remedial reading program at Glenforest School. It is called Project Read curriculum, and it specifically helps our dyslexic students. Right now, we offer the Project Read curriculum to elementary and middle school students. We plan to add the writing component to this curriculum [by next year]. The Project Read curriculum identifies where the language breakdown is for each child—where exactly it is that language stops making sense to them. That is the springboard from which we begin teaching. Thank you for this wonderful tool.”

–Gillian Barclay-Smith, Principal

“Thanks again for the jump start to our writing!”

“Thank you so much for the training and support you gave us. Our teachers are well-equipped and excited to teach writing after receiving training from the Language Circle© consultants. Specifically, teachers are excited about the solid structure of writing modeled by the Written Expression curriculum, combined with multisensory activities that aid in learning complex skills and concepts. This approach helps teachers instruct their students in word manipulation, and later sentence and paragraph construction. The teachers who went to the training have already shared it with our building writing committee, who has decided to implement it school-wide. It seems to be filling a gap in our writing curriculum, providing a solid foundation to build on. Thanks again for the jump start to our writing! The Project Read training, both Phonics and Written Expression, has been some of the best training we’ve ever received!”

–Kathleen Kawk, Teacher

“I am grateful to have kind people such as you,
who develop programs that really work.”

“My son Anthony has successfully been learning from the Project Read program. Anthony was originally labeled by the school staff as having a behavior problem, and was scheduled to be put into a behaviorally disabled class. In my heart, I knew that he was a dyslexic child was who frustrated. In just two short months of using Project Read curriculum, the child study team gathered at a meeting and decided to abort Anthony’s behavioral intervention plan because he no longer displayed the same types of behaviors. I am grateful to have followed my heart about Anthony, and I am grateful to have kind people such as you, who develop programs that really work. Thank you.”

–Dana Taboadela, Parent

“Reading is fun.”

“Reading is fun.
Reading is great!
I can read the number eight.
It’s hard to read the number eight!
Because you can’t hear the sound it makes!”

–Anthony Taboadela, AGE 8, Project Read Student

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